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AbilityScreen by TrueAbility

The purpose of employee testing is to provide the employer with objective data indicating how well an individual will perform on the job. TrueAbility was the first to bring an off-the-shelf, evidenced-based IT talent assessment to market.

TrueAbility’s AbilityScreen is a Full Stack Development talent assessment that is in hands-on, live environment built upon our Linux Essentials Assessment and Windows Essentials Assessment. Use them as is, or create a customized evaluation built specifically for your company’s technology needs, culture, and business objectives.

Our workforce skill assessment tools are used for pre-hire candidate skill assessment, post-hire employee assessment such as promotion testing, continued employee development skill testing, certification programs, and technical skill audits for workforce planning.

Ground Breaking Features

Real Environment

We provide an emulated, real-world, hands-on working environment to assess ability. Emulation is higher in fidelity than a simulator, which means results better correlate with job performance.

Full-Stack Assessment

In case you missed it, we will make sure we say it again – the AbilityScreen pre-employment test is more than testing the applicants coding abilities. We test the applicant’s ability to manage systems so you can see exactly their level of capabilities.

Self Scheduling 

No more back-and-forth between you and the candidates to schedule assessments. They get a link and instructions to complete the assessment and once done, you will get notified to review the results. Easy-peasy. 

Grading Engine™

Our automated grading system is a unique assessment feature to the testing industry. Intelligent machine grading applies a comprehensive set of checks to score an assessment.

Session Playback

Review what steps the candidate took with an “over the shoulder” recorded view of the candidate at work to see HOW they solve the problem.

Robust, Shareable Results

Task level details are graded, video recorded and archived. A report is generated and can be shared via PDF as needed with hiring teams.

Easy to Use

Candidates only need access to the internet and a web browser to take our assessments. We build a cloud-based test environment geographically as close to the candidate as possible.

Video Interviewing

Powerful, all in one screening tool that allows you to easily add video interview responses to any skill assessment. 

Blend Multiple-Choice Items

Save time and ensure a positive candidate experience by using one assessment. Include knowledge questions with performance-based scenarios for the ultimate assessment. 

Why TrueAbility

Get efficient. Remove manual tasks such as maintaining your own on-site assessment environment, scheduling job candidate technical screens or spending time and effort on low-value tasks.

Our team can turn your assessment questions into performance-based problems requiring interactive problem-solving resulting in accurate and objective data.

Objective Data

Remove unconscious bias in hiring teams


Our solution aids with EEOC as well as we meet other IT security compliance with our platform.

Geographic Proximity

We use cloud datacenters all over the globe to deliver fast, online exams.

Fully Managed

Simple and easy SAAS facilitation.


Cloud-based and easily accommodates as many as 10 assessments to over 10,000+ a month.

Flexible Pricing

Select a plan that works best for your needs.