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Globally accessible skill testing
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Fact: Accurate evaluation of technical abilities is integral to your organization’s hiring processes.

Onboard someone who fails to produce the results you need and your company could be out thousands of dollars. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire is at least 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings.

Hiring mistakes happen for a variety of reasons, but from a technical perspective, there is only one: Inefficient testing methodologies. Candidates say they are proficient in a particular skill on their resume. Yet, their definition of proficiency could be completely different from your own. Anyone can study hard, pass an exam and add a certification to their resume. But can they confidently translate that knowledge into real-world applications?

As you know, this is the purpose of performance-based assessments. Unfortunately, running 100 percent realistic testing scenarios hasn’t always been within the realm of possibility. That’s where we come in — TrueAbility provides small to enterprise-level organizations with cloud-based testing solutions that look, act and feel like actual workplace scenarios.



TrueAbility provides an advanced platform for delivering skill and knowledge assessments for today’s digital workforce™. TrueAbility delivers solutions built upon performance-based technology, bridging a gap for both end-users and the entities measuring their skill by providing the most accurate and comprehensive environment for a person to learn or demonstrate ability.

We remain one of the ONLY full stack testing platforms publicly consumable on the market today.



TrueAbility started with the AbilityScreen product in early 2012. The founders had a need for an efficient, objective and scalable tool for evaluating candidate skill for a company experiencing explosive growth. Traditional skill evaluation methods like phone screening and whiteboarding failed to prove how a person might perform on the job.

TrueAbility continued to evolve the technology platform and now is the only fully automated and globally scalable provisioning, administration and grading platform delivering performance-based, high-stakes career certification programs for the largest companies in the world. For more information, please review www.trueability.com

For sales inquiries please contact our AbilityScreen team at sales@trueability.com, to report bugs or security related matters contact security@trueability.com, for all other concerns please contact info@trueability.com.