Technical Skill

Measuring the Ability of
Today’s Digital Workforce™


Technical Skill

Validating Employability for the
21st Century Workforce®

Featured Customers

Featured Customers

AbilityScreen® by TrueAbility®

A remotely delivered hands-on technical skill assessment providing objective and unbiased information about a candidate’s knowledge, skill and ability.


Real Environment

Assessment in a real-world virtual environment means results correlate with job performance.

Full-Stack Assessment

More than a coding test. Ensure the ability to work with the full technology stack.

Self Scheduling 

No back-and-forth to schedule assessments.

Grading Engine®

Automated grading to score assessments.

Video Playback

Review how the candidate solved each problem with a recorded view of their work.

Shareable Results

View in your dashboard and share with hiring teams.

Easy to Use

Candidates only need a web browser to take an assessment.

Video Interviewing

Add video interview responses to an assessment.


Knowledge-based questions ensure a well-rounded and comprehensive assessment.

Why TrueAbility

Be Efficient. Be Objective. Get Proof. Remove manual tasks involved in screening technical candidates and stop spending time with candidates who don’t have the skills needed for the role.

Objective Data

Remove unconscious bias
in hiring teams

Work from Home

Perfect for evaluating talent remotely

Increase Acumen

Raise the level of technical skill on your team

Fully Managed

Simple and easy SAAS facilitation.


Use 1 or 10,000+

Flexible Pricing

Select a plan that works best for your needs