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The science behind our assessment platform

Not Just Code Testing: AbilityScreen is the most accurate skill screening platform.


All our assessments are:

Performance-based – This is our secret sauce. Our AbilityScreen product puts a candidate in a live, real-world environment to capture their real skills.

Built in the Cloud– Candidates can complete an assessment from anywhere, anytime by using just their web browser.

We Are Specialists – Since 2012 we eat, sleep and breathe perfecting hands-on assessment. We’ve spent the last five years delivering hands-on certifications for companies like Google, VMWare, Elastic and others.

Fast. Secure. Accurate.

Each AbilityScreen assessment is an emulation of the real-world working environment for the technology you selected. We deploy a live virtual desktop environment allowing the candidate access to the tools they would use on the job. Candidates demonstrate their ability to perform in the role and hiring managers and technical recruiters are provided with objective data to use for evaluating the candidate pipeline.

What is a Performance-Based Assessment?

Unlike other types of skill testing, performance-based will assess if the candidate has the ability to do the actual work. For developers, this means ensuring their code works as part of the entire tech stack, not just evaluating coding language proficiency. Performance-based assessment is the only way to test in an actual environment.

A Better Way to Test

“Show by doing” is the future of technical assessment. Imagine trying out for a choir without ever singing a note, or trying out for a sports team by answering some questions over a zoom call. The future is a skills economy with proven skills as the currency.

Efficient and Scalable

Your team may have an in-house solution but maintaining, administering and tracking these skill testing solutions in-house is cumbersome and stressful. We save your tech teams valuable time allowing them to focus on what they do best.

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