Benefits of Using

Lab-Based Assessments

Remote-Friendly Assessment for Every Team

Interviews have always started with some distance between hiring team and candidate, and in today’s world the entire process is often 100% remote. No matter if you are hiring for in-house, hybrid or fully remote, virtual assessments allow you to get the information you need from anyone, anywhere.

Find Qualified Candidates Faster

No more guessing which candidate has the skills. Resumes don’t always tell the full story, but a hands-on assessment does. Quickly gather objective data for your entire candidate pipeline and compare the results. Spend time with those who have proven they can do the job!

Avoid the Cost and Pain of Mis-Hires

A bad hire can cost a company a minimum of 30% of the employee’s first year salary–and that’s a conservative estimate! How much time do you want to waste before getting to the important projects? Using a real world assessment provides peace of mind that a candidate’s tech abilities are sound.

Remove Bias

Unconscious biases in the hiring process impact judgement. This is detrimental to teams and the company. Hands-on assessment provides objective data that a company can depend on. Demonstrated ability has no bias.

“For a team that has multiple openings, spending time with unqualified candidates is not an option.”

“Of 2,000 technical professionals surveyed, 89% prefer to demonstrate their skills in a hands-on environment over traditional technical screening methods like phone calls and whiteboards.”

Assessment Library

A growing and comprehensive library of technology assessments.
Hands-on, lab-based assessments that can provide your team with the data you need. Invite anyone, anytime, anywhere.

  • Programming Languages
  • Databases
  • Operating Systems
  • SAAS
  • IAAS
  • Container Ecosystems
  • Web Servers
  • Applications
  • Configuration Management
  • Application Development
  • Application Frameworks
  • And More…


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How It Works
Filter your candidates in 3 easy steps

Step 1.

Invite your job candidates via email

Step 2.

Candidate takes the assessment

Step 3.

You view the stack ranking of all of your candidate’s results

Scaleable Pricing

Choose from flexible plans designed to meet your hiring needs. Pricing starts as low as $15 per candidate attempt.