Our Technology

The science behind our assessment platform

Beyond Code Testing: AbilityScreen is the most accurate pre-employment skill screening platform available in today’s market.


Until now, companies deliberated between two alternatives: Creating their own testing platforms in-house — expensive, inefficient and time-consuming — or hiring a third-party to develop a simulation that may not be 100 percent realistic.

Since none of these applications are cloud-based, candidates were often forced to sit in traffic, travel onsite and test on software versions that failed to recreate a comprehensive and accurate project representation. Not only do such hiring practice provide stressful candidate experiences, but they also fail to provide hiring managers with complete pictures of technical competencies.

All our assessments are:

Performance-based – This is the secret sauce of our product.  There is no better way to gauge real skill than testing by doing a work scenario. Our AbilityScreen product puts a candidate in a live, real-world environment capturing more educational objectives than any other testing method can alone.

Cloud-based – If your candidate has access to the internet, they can complete our exam anywhere, anytime by using their web browser. We can remove your in-house scaling limitations for you with one click of the mouse.

Managed by Specialists – Since 2012 we eat, sleep and breath perfecting and improving our platform. We now offer real-world skill assessment for not only pre-employment screening but also for high-stakes employment certifications for the largest companies in the world. Read more on our main www.trueability.com website to learn more.

Supported 24/7/365 – We have a team of support staff monitoring and ensuring your assessments are online and accessible around the clock.

User-Friendly – Our team is passionate about making skill assessment as painless for all stakeholders as possible. We care deeply about your end-user (candidates) and your testing administrators (recruiters and IT managers) experience with using our product.

Fast. Secure. Easy.

The AbilityScreen tool is an emulation of the real-world working environment that is used to evaluate potential workforce skill. We deploy a live desktop environment where the candidate has access to the tools they would use on the job, putting the candidate in a hands-on environment to demonstrate their ability to perform in the role. Hiring managers and technical recruiters are provided with objective data to use for job candidate evaluation in our detailed reports.

What is a Performance-Based Assessment?

Unlike other types of skill testing, ours is made to test if the candidate’s code actually integrates with other systems. It is to test the ability to do the work, not strickly coding language proficiency. Performance-based assessment is the only way to test in an actual environment. It looks real because it is! We merely remove their ability to make devastating mistakes in your production stack.

A Better Way to Test

Many assessments only utilize multiple-choice or written testing techniques. Some experts question the ability of these methods to properly gauge skill level. To combat the perceived shortcomings of traditional testing methods, organizations can implement a performance-based assessment. This method of testing requires candidates to apply their knowledge and demonstrate skill by “doing” as opposed to selecting the correct answer or explaining it in writing.

Efficient and Scalable

Your team may have an in-house solution as many early adopters who didn’t have the benefit of existing performance-based assessment technology tools. Maintaining and administering these skill testing solutions in-house is cumbersome and stressful. We save your tech teams value time in building and maintaining this for you.