Gut Check: Stop Hiring the Wrong Candidates

By July 5, 2018Products
Pre-employment assessment

Pre-employment Assessment for Today’s Digital Workforce

Companies still struggle to invest the proper amount in a pre-employment assessment of job skills when compared to other recruiting costs. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of hiring the wrong person for the job is at least 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings.[i] Even worse for a small company, an investment in the wrong person can jeopardize the business.

It’s a fact that one bad employee spreads discontent and disengagement as fast as a dancing cat video on Facebook. No wonder that hiring the wrong people can be expensive. Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) confirms, “Selection errors can have a negative impact on employee morale and management time, waste valuable training and development dollars, and reduce employee productivity and a company’s profitability”.[ii] Skills assessments are especially important where on-the-job training opportunities are limited or for jobs with highly specific requirements. Skills assessments are invaluable for any role where candidates must have specific skills to be productive from day one.

Recruiters report gaining as much as 20% of their time back using an online pre-employment assessment. It makes sense that hiring teams and recruiters work better together when they are on the same page of what level of work skills are required to fill the job role.  It also means not passing up candidates that can do the work but struggle with writing a resume or interviewing. Objective assessments indicate better candidates that thrill hiring teams and delight managers. Compare candidate results side-by-side. Share results with stakeholders. Spend your time where it’s most valuable–with candidates who have the skills to do the job.

The rapid changes in technology create challenges for recruiting in today’s digital workforce. Our AbilityScreen can be designed to identify candidates capabilities across a wide range of real-world skills, such as using Excel to calculate a statistical analysis, programming language proficiencies, and server and software testing to name a few. We have the world’s first off-the-shelf Windows administrator and the only full-stack Linux Administrator pre-employment assessment.

Learn “How” a Candidate Works

TrueAbility’s Performance-based Assessment platform is an emulation of the real-world working environment that is used to evaluate the skills of job candidates. Our custom talent assessment is a live desktop environment where the candidate has access to the tools they would use on the job, putting the candidate in a hands-on environment to demonstrate their ability to perform in the role. Hiring managers and recruiters are provided with objective data to use for job candidate evaluation.


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